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A Great BIA Holiday Celebration

BIA 2019 Holiday Party Group Photograph BIA 2019 Holiday Party Group Photograph26DECEMBER, 2018As the year winds down, it is inevitable to reflect on the accomplishments attained during the year and those that are to be achieved in the next one. To that end, every...

A Much Anticipated Ernest Hemingway Debut

Classic Collection Key West Collection David Tenuta, VP Marketing As we all know, every year, opportunities open up to capitalize on market voids. Nonetheless, “tools” to take advantage of those opportunities are not always available. Good news; for 2019, a new “tool"...

A spotlight on the man behind the websites

Scott Baron, Eclipse International 201830November 2018 It's never too late to make one's avocation their vocation. The professional career of our man behind the camera, advertisements, websites, and product brochures began more than 30 years ago; not in the mattress...


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