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Nationwide Prime Time New Orleans

Who is Nationwide Marketing Group and how do they bring value to their members?Nationwide Marketing Group works on behalf of thousands of independent appliance, furniture, bedding, electronics, dealers, and custom installers. Nationwide helps them grow their...

BIA Summer Picnic 2019

Time an ever-important concept, most relevant to man, is the gauge by which we mark not only our lives but the changing of the seasons. By the end of August and into September, primarily in our youth, we harken back to a period when another semester of school was fast...

Wellness Collection

Add a Little Wellness to your Sleep Game Our New Line of Wellness Mattresses feature our Patented Zoned Quilt™ and Spinal Zone™  Support System.  We pre-compress the cushioning materials in the center third section of the sleep system to eliminate mattress breakdown...

Getting to know Steve Karns – a Man for all Seasons

Do you have a mottoDo you have a motto, something you live by, an inner voice that drives you and your passions? Most of us do. Plagiarizing the quotations of the successful, wealthy, or famous, including those who have enjoyed athletic accomplishment, is by no means...

Las Vegas Summer Market 2019 a Look Back

The 3 P'sPreparation - Planning - ParticipationPreparation, planning, and participation are the three Ps to having a successful exhibition.  Las Vegas, for that matter, any show, is no exception and all team members must bring their A-game.  First, we select products...

The Who and How to of Order Entry

(l-r) Nancy, Lisa, Ashley, Ana, Aida, KirtiA.  Comparing a Business to the Human BodyIn my opinion, it would not be a stretch making a comparison between a business organization and the human body.  What they share in common is the combination of many parts working in...

Eclipse Hospitality & Contract Division Has Grown

Jan Wettergren, CEO Biscayne Bedding Quilting MachineFactory Floor1. Hospitality and Contract Sales Add Value to the Licensee Relationship Our post today focuses on Eclipse International's ongoing effort at penetrating the highly lucrative market of Hospitality and...

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Recently we requested that all of our licensees send us photographs of their factories and staff so we can showcase them on our website. What follows are some of the first photos we’ve received. To all of you that are yet to send us your pics, please do so ASAP as the...


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