Thailand’s Sleep Wealth

On September 4th, 2018, Sleep Wealth of Thailand and Eclipse International signed a licensing agreement that gives Sleep Wealth the rights to produce, market and sell Eastman House mattresses in that area of the world.

“The mattress market in Thailand is experiencing growth and American brands are very desirable and aspirational; this is particularly true in cities like Bangkok as well as in other tourist resorts in Thailand,” said Min Duk Hwan, Sleep Wealth’s Sales Director. “Hospitality is another area where American brands are in high demand and Eastman House will provide a door opener for us in the coming years”.

In case you may ask, Sleep Wealth is run by a group of high-energy young entrepreneurs that are driving Sleep Wealth through a rapid growth phase. “There is no doubt that Eastman House will not only strengthen Sleep Wealth’s product portfolio but will also provide the company with a reputable brand tool to enter the hospitality channel in Thailand, which is among the most promising in Asia,” said Stuart Carlitz, Eclipse International CEO.

On behalf of Eclipse International, we wish great success to the entire Sleep Wealth team!

And so it goes……..

Min Duk Hwan,
Sleep Wealth’s Sales Director