November 13 Meeting

On November 13th, domestic licensees of Eclipse International met at the company’s headquarters in North Brunswick, NJ, to review the current Pure Talalay Bliss program and reach consensus on the brand’s strategy.

Eclipse and Talalay sign agreement 

In case you may want to know, earlier this year, Eclipse International and Talalay Global signed an agreement giving Eclipse International the rights to produce, market and sell Pure Talalay Bliss, the prominent latex-mattress brand. Tick and components suppliers from all corners of North America took turns to educate the attendees on the benefits of their products. Leadership executives from all the participating licensee manufacturers attended the event: Jeffco Fibres, Paramount Sleep, Heritage Sleep, Illinois Sleep, Uinta Mattress, Everton Mattress, and Bedding Industries of America (North and South). “We are very pleased with the decisions made as we set the direction to capitalize on the excellent opportunity presented by Pure Talalay Bliss, which undoubtedly offers the highest quality in latex mattresses”.

And so it goes…….