Classic Collection 

Key West Collection

As we all know, every year, opportunities open up to capitalize on market voids. Nonetheless, “tools” to take advantage of those opportunities are not always available. Good news; for 2019, a new “tool” in the form of a beautiful assortment will be available for bedding retailers: Ernest Hemingway.

For several months this year, David Tenuta, VP of Brands for Eclipse International, arduously worked with vendors to source the best and sustainable materials to complete two luxury-bedding initiatives that promise to take the market by a storm: Ernest Hemingway Classic Traditions, and Ernest Hemingway Key West. “This summer, with the typical New York high temperatures, I decided to go to the N.J. shore to relax and get away from the heat. I stayed in a magnificent hotel. To my surprise, despite the beautiful location and relaxed atmosphere, I couldn’t sleep as my bed was hot and uncomfortable. The experience made me think about the last time I was in Key West where a few a years back, I visited and had an incredible relaxed time complemented with a restful night sleep. The only difference between that experience and N.J. was the mattress I slept on. Consequently, after returning from the shore, I worked on a new affordable luxury bed that would offer cooling comfort, thus the birth of the new Ernest Hemingway collections.”

After hearing that statement from David, I guess the only thing to do is to see it for ourselves.

And so it goes……