Sughra Zaidi at work and play

Sugrha Zaidi

Sughra Zaidi and Nancy Storzum


Sughra Zaidi, Mike Campbell 
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Sughra Zaidi and Armando Murillo

A Testimony to a Professional’s Dedication and Commitment

Long Term Committment

As we close 2018, we want to recognize the importance of team-building through the recruitment of professionals whose dedication and commitment to their work excellence is long term….very long term. Next, we ask six questions to an Eclipse-International team member that provide insight into a professional’s long-term tenure:

Sughra Zaidi’s Story

Q: Hello Sughra, how long have you been with Eclipse International?
A.  This March is going to be 18 years.

Q: What was your first role and what enticed you to join Eclipse International?
A.  I came here as a computer tech. I read about the company and saw the potential for growth and a friendly and family environment that makes the company very appealing to me.

Q: What has been your role progression?
A.  Computer Tech, Billing Specialist, Assistant to CFO, and, now, Controller.


Q: What do you like the most about your job, and also about the company?
A.  I love accounting and working with numbers, that’s all I do. About the company, for the past 18 years, I have grown much, I feel embedded in the organization; I come every day with a smile and leave with the motivation to do even more next day.  

Q: What has been the driving factor to be with the company for close to two decades?
A.   The continuous potential for growth, and the urge to see that growth happening.

Q: What would be your advice to folks thinking about a career like yours?
A.  Nothing is impossible in life. Initially, I didn’t get a job in the area I graduated in, Math and Major Stats. However, as I had big dreams, I didn’t give up on my dreams and went for a different career path that has become very fulfilling.

There is no doubt that Sughra’s dedication and contribution to Eclipse International is invaluable. We salute Sughra Zaidi for her unwavering commitment to her role and company!

As so it goes…