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Mike Moore

Mike Moore

Interview with Mike Moore


This week we ask five questions to Mike Moore; he is the newly promoted Chief of Staff at Pleasant Mattress, the dynamic mattress manufacturer located in Fresno, California.  

Q: Mike, how long have you been in the bedding industry and what attracted you to it in the first place?

A: “I’ve been in the business for about 24 years; honestly, I needed a job, and the ultra-competitive nature of the industry was very appealing.”

Q: How have you seen the business change during your tenure?

A: “One of the best things about the business is that change is always coming. Back when I joined the industry there were the four “S” brands. Not one of those companies exists the way they did back when I started which, has created tremendous opportunities for us tier 2 manufacturers.”  

Q: Your new title is rather uncommon in our industry.  How does your new responsibility differ from the previous one?

A: “While I continue to lead our sales-and-marketing teams, the new title ads a layer of responsibility by representing our company, and our CEO Rion Morgenstern, in industry events.”

Q: Your company is now producing, marketing and selling Pure Talalay Bliss. What are your thoughts on the product and brand?

A: “The brand and its past achievements stand on their own. We are delighted to take this terrific brand to our existing and new customers moving forward.”

Q: You live and work in California. How is it different from doing so in the rest of the country?

A: “California and New York tend to lead the design and innovation of our country. We find the same with the mattress and home furnishings industry.”

We congratulate Mike on his new role as Chief of Staff at Pleasant Mattress.

And so it goes…….