China Hemingway Licensee Visits Eclipse International H.Q. and Factory

by May 6, 2019Licensees

1. After 17-hour flight Mr. Ben Wu and Grace Zhou arrive in the USA

After a 17-hour direct flight from Shen Zhen China, on Wednesday May 1st, Mr. Ben Wu, CEO of Huasheng Home Furnishing Group., Ltd., and his Executive Assistant, Ms. Grace Zhou, visited Eclipse International’s corporate offices in North Brunswick, NJ.

2. The visit had a two-fold objective

Mr. Wu’s visit objective to our office and factory was two-fold: to see the recently-introduced Hemingway Classic Traditions and Key West collections, and to explore the possibility of offering Chinese consumers the option of buying American-made Hemingway mattresses in addition to domestically-produced choices.
Ben, Armando

3.Huasheng has enormous “fire power”

For your information, Huasheng is a fairly-new mattress producer with a two-year history. Nonetheless, Huasheng has enormous “fire power.” One of its three owners is Red Star Macalline, the company that owns and operates over 250 Mega Malls in China.


Grace, Ben, Matt, David
David, Grace

4. Goal 1000 stores in 5 years

Consequently, the company’s strategy is to have Hemingway stores in each one of those Malls, and in other strategic locations throughout China; all with a goal of having over 1000 stores within 5 years. The first Hemingway retail store is opening this month. Below is a photo of that initial Hemingway store. Photos of Ben Wu and Grace Zhou appear within this post. 

Hemingway Store, China

We thank Mr. Wu and Ms. Zhou for visiting our facilities; and most importantly, we congratulate them on their ambitious growth plan.

And so it goes…….