From Haiti to Bedding Industries of America

Thirty-six years ago, in Lynden N.J., a young Jean Robert Damas a recent arrival from Haiti, decided to apply for an opportunity with a bedding manufacturer, Bedding Industries of America.

Learning on the Job

Jean didn’t know or had previous experience in the mattress business, but the energy he observed on the BIA’s floor immediately enticed him to begin a career in Mattress Manufacturing that expands until this day.

A Multitude of Responsibilities

While Jean’s current job title is Purchasing Agent, in reality, his responsibilities and duties cover a multitude of tasks that include inventory management and receiving. Jean’s present role evolved from a start as a janitor on the production floor.

 His first advancement was to be the “Materials Set-Up Person”;

Onward and Upward

from there he moved to Builder/Taper, and afterward to Assistant Plant Manager. It has been many productive years since Jean joined BIA. There is no doubt that Jean has been, and is, a critical contributor to the growth and success of Bedding Industries of America.

We salute Jean Robert for his long-standing contributions to our organization.

And so it goes……….