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1. Hospitality and Contract Sales Add Value to the Licensee Relationship

Our post today focuses on Eclipse International’s ongoing effort at penetrating the highly lucrative market of Hospitality and Contract Sales.

2. Ken MacDonald Begins to Crack the Glass Ceiling

On June 28, 2019, Eclipse International, shared a Facebook post recognizing the efforts of Ken MacDonald, VP of Hospitality and Contract sales. Ken, under the tutelage of Stuart Carlitz, has begun to crack the glass ceiling of Hospitality sales, long the domain of the S-Brands. Through Ken’s hard work and persistence, all of our factories have reaped the benefits of his endeavors.

3. Contract Sale Grow 65% This Year over Last

According to Stuart Carlitz, CEO of Eclipse International, “our Hospitality and Contract division has grown 65% this year over last, year to date.” Carlitz said, “last week alone we provided our Florida licensee with an 800 piece order.” Carlitz concluded saying, “this deal represents only one of several large orders that they received from our Hospitality division this year.”

4. Deal at Las Vegas Furniture Market, Uinta to Produce over 500 Mattress Sets

At the Las Vegas Winter Furniture Market January 2019, in our newly remodeled showroom, Ken MacDonald met with the General Manager of Alexis Park and Conference Center likewise located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This meeting would result in the purchase of over 500 Perfection Rest Hotel Deluxe two-sided Tencel top mattress sets in Full, Queen, and King size. Our licensee Uinta, of Salt Lake City Utah, handled the manufacturing and delivery of the finished products.

5. Licensing a Deal that Pays for Itself

As Stuart has always said, “affiliation with THE ECLIPSE Group makes your factory money and therefore does not cost a dime.”

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