(l-r) Nancy, Lisa, Ashley, Ana, Aida, Kirti

A.  Comparing a Business to the Human Body

In my opinion, it would not be a stretch making a comparison between a business organization and the human body.  What they share in common is the combination of many parts working in concert with each other supporting the whole.

For example, one might say that the brain is akin to management. I might compare the heart to the spirit of the workforce. The activity of selling requires a keen eye at finding targeted accounts.  The Order Entry Department represents the ears and mouth. They hear from the sales staff and dealers, then communicate the information through the production cycle.  It’s a job that requires one to think on their feet while permanently tethered to their desk with the fax/printer/email system and telephone close at hand. Dealers and salespeople expect orders to be received and processed efficiently and accurately.

B. Technology and Experience does the trick! Not entirely. 

So how have we made this work day in and out over the last 60 plus years?  Not necessarily in this order, but without a strong operational foundation, and tested support systems, you would easily stumble, fall, and eventually fail.  I could say, “technology to the rescue.”  We have Mike Campbell and many others too thank for that. I might add that by emulating the processes and efficiencies acquired over years of study, experience, coupled with trial and error is the key. Gregg, Paul, both Joe’s, Jim, Bobby, and Russ have spent years honing their skills keeping the factory running efficiently.

So problem solved, right?  No, not even close. Even with technology and other systems that provide checks and balances, the proper staff is essential in the success of each department. 

C. Focus on Order Entry

Today the focus of our attention is on four-plus people managing the day to day duties of accepting and placing orders. I say four-plus in deference to Nancy Storezum who recently moved from Order Entry into Accounts Receivable. We intend to feature Nancy’s story in a future post.

D. Ana Catarino / Ashley Catarino

Ana Catarino – joined Eclipse International / Bedding Industries of America in August of 2006. She came from Serta, where she put in 15-years of service in a similar position.  I had to check them on Wikipedia as I wasn’t sure who they were.  Ana attributes her longevity to employment security and feeling comfortable in her job.  Keeping it all in the family, Ana’s daughter Ashley is our Receptionist and performs a variety of other tasks.

E. Aida Lopez

Aida Lopez – joined Eclipse International / Bedding Industries of America in August of 2011. Like Ana, Aida was likewise a Mattress Industry veteran.  Before joining the Order Entry Department, Aida spent six months as an assistant to Stuart Carlitz.  Part of Aida’s role, in addition to Ordering is Billing, another essential and vital role in the Organization.

F. Lisa Wernau

Lisa Wernau –  joined Eclipse International / Bedding Industries of America in 2017. Like Aida, she worked as Stuart’s assistant before finding her current home in Order Entry.  I assure you there is no pattern here and not to draw any conclusions; it’s purely coincidental.  In addition to Order Entry, Lisa handles warranty claims, which is another way she leverages her past customer service experience.

G. Kirti Patel

Kirti Patel – joined Eclipse International / Bedding Industries of America in 2019.  Although the rookie of the crew, she has extensive experience working in a similar capacity for powerhouse fashion companies like Tommy Hilfiger and others.  She was seeking job stability and a comfortable working environment, which represents the sentiment shared by the group.

H. Conclusion

Conclusion.  In our network of dealers, a good percentage have accepted technology by faxing or emailing their orders.  Over the years the percentage who are using even the most basic technology has increased.  However, there are still many who prefer the personal touch of speaking to a person and placing an order.  At  Eclipse International / Bedding Industries of America, we have team members standing by to assist you in a variety of languages. 

I admire their patience and professionalism as they bridge the gap between sales, production, and the dealer.