The 3 P’s

Preparation – Planning – Participation

Preparation, planning, and participation are the three Ps to having a successful exhibition.  Las Vegas, for that matter, any show, is no exception and all team members must bring their A-game.  First, we select products that will stimulate interest and attract visitors to our space. Next, digital and printed materials are assembled, reviewed, and approved for distribution.  We place advertising in the trade journals, construct invitations, all the while, manufacturing is making samples, which we inspect and load onto trucks for the journey.  Simultaneously another part of the team is working to ensure that all is well on the ground. As you can imagine, this is no easy task, and a lot can go wrong.  Surely having staff with experience pays off.

The Team

Pulling it off Show after Show

This post intends to draw attention to the “Team,” a collection of individuals, who pull it off year after year.  Stuart Carlitz, Matthew Connolly, David Tenuta, Steve Karns, Ken MacDonald, Elis Oliviera, Gregg Tanis, Steve Davids, Mike Campbell and many others who make it possible for us to shine. Along the way, we hope to create meaningful, lasting relationships, sell products and licenses, and have some fun.


Pure Talalay Bliss and Talalay Bliss

Introduction of Pure Talalay Bliss:  Highlighting this collection is an innovative construction and design.  Gone is the zipper cover in favor of a finely hand-tailored miter seamed finished resulting in an elegant and appealing look.  The finishing touch is a taped bottom around the mattress, which reduces the shifting caused by a zipper cover.  The fabric now contains organic facing cotton for enhanced breathability and cooling.

Introduction of Talalay Bliss-Hybrid:  This line seeks to create a synergy between Talalay Latex and the wrapped coil.  Both Dealers and Manufacturers displayed overwhelming support and enthusiasm for the range of possibilities this product offers. We feel we have a product comparable and in many ways better, to hybrid constructions served by national brands in this arena.

The Pure Talalay Bliss Committee: The Committee designed decorative pillows and foot protectors, further defining the elegance and unique styles of these mattress collections.

More information in the Future Posts

More information about our success at the show will appear in future posts.  To all who made and make it possible we appreciate and applaud your hard work and dedication.

Thank you.

Pure Talalay Bliss – Talalay Bliss