BIA Summer Picnic 2019

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Staff

Time an ever-important concept, most relevant to man, is the gauge by which we mark not only our lives but the changing of the seasons. By the end of August and into September, primarily in our youth, we harken back to a period when another semester of school was fast approaching. To some, this might cause a twinge of anxiety, even in the most confident, so in the words of Jackson Browne, a musician from the ’70s and ’80s lets “stay just a little bit longer,” in that Summer feeling.

For those who joined us on August 24, 2019, we celebrated our second annual BIA/Eclipse International Company picnic. Focused mostly on the children of our loyal employees, we had games and other activities suitable for all age groups. We had the most delicious barbeque, expertly arranged by our gourmet staff of Brazilian chefs. The weather was more than cooperative, providing us with mild temperatures low humidity and dry conditions. We gave away many prizes, including a Television and a mountain bike.

I am happy to say we had no accidents and while there were many young children we had no long periods of crying, no need for bandages, police, the EMS, or fire rescue.

At this time I’d like to recognize the efforts of those that made the day possible: Gregg Tanis, Paul Brown and his granddaughter Lucy, Bobby Works, Jean Robert Damas, Sughra Zaidi, Elis Oliviera, Minerva Gonzalez and especially the person who wrote the check to cover the cost, Scott Baron, no I mean Stuart Carlitz.

Enjoy some photos – as we enjoyed the time – and as we look forward to bigger and better things in the upcoming Season culminating with the Holiday Party in the Bahamas. “Wink Wink.”

Regarding the images below. There are two sets one in portrait mode meaning taller than wide and one in landscape mode meaning wider than tall. The first set is in Portrait, the set following is in Landscape. Once you click or tap on an image it will open in a “lightbox.”  You will see arrows which you can use to scroll through the photos.  There are no names associated with any of the images. 

Finally, because there are images of children please do not DOWNLOAD or REPOST any of the images found in either of these galleries. If you are a family member, I will be happy to email you the original photo. Send an email of  your request to [email protected].

Thank you.