Based in Burlington, Iowa, Chittenden & Eastman is a leading US mattress manufacturer. The company’s products are marketed under the name of its Eastman House division and feature 3 lines; Individually Encased Coil innerspring, Chiropractor’s Care Sleep Systems and Renaissance Latex Foam. All which promote better spinal alignment through more equalized weight distribution.

In 2007 Chittenden & Eastman’s intellectual property was purchased by the Mattress Development Company of Delaware which reintroduced the Eastman House brand into the marketplace. Stuart Carlitz was responsible for the purchase and brand reintroduction. He has aggressively sought to expand the brand globally through licensing proprietary processes that were over 100 years in the making.

Eastman House luxury mattresses are backed with 150 years of expertise in mattress-building craftsmanship. Everything that the company designs is built with excellence and artistry fusing together modern technology and old world craftsmanship. Eastman House is committed to developing designs that improve the overall sleep experience.

   “We believe our knowledge in custom mattress manufacturing is unparalleled and provides superior sleep comfort.” —Matt Connolly, President of Eastman House

The Company’s mission is to make a difference in the sleep health of our customers through handcrafting the highest quality sleep products.  With a family legacy in the field of mattress manufacturing, our initial passion was to provide a range of products that greatly improved the lives of our customers.   Ergonomics of sleep, as both an art and a science, a commitment to tradition, craft and luxury are all premium signatures that separate us from our competitors.

Our patented technologies are designed to help your sleeping posture, improve your sleep health, and overall sleep experience. Our promise is to create premium sleep products that encompass the best of the traditional craft of mattress fabrication and design.  We are committed to the latest advances in technology and the science of sleep, that have shown genuine results in getting our customers the healthiest and most comfortable sleeping environment they’ve ever experienced.

Our Commitment

• Quality Manufacturing Process, Design, and Materials

• Knowledgeable and Caring Dealer Support

• Quick and Accurate Shipments

• Carbon Footprint Conscious

• Charitable Contributions from Profits

• Listen with Open Ears to our Dealer Network

The Ernest Hemingway brand represents the qualities most readily associated with the American literary legend. The brand embodies the spirit of romance and adventure espoused by one of the great personalities of the 20th century.

First and foremost a Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winning author of world renown, Ernest Hemingway is nearly as famous for his legendary lifestyle as his writing. A true sportsman and outdoorsman, Hemingway traveled the world pursuing his passions. A resident of Havana, Key West, Paris, and Ketchum, Idaho, Hemingway hunted big game on African safaris, sat ringside at Spanish bullfights, fished the world’s oceans and traveled extensively throughout Europe in a time of war and peace.

Hemingway products are timeless and enduring. Authenticity and quality are hallmarks of the brand, in design and construction. The romantic and international appeal of the Hemingway legend is embodied in the select group of products fit to bear the name.

Hemingway slumbered in fine European hotels, took quick naps under the warm Caribbean sun while fishing the Gulf Stream and drifted off under the endless sky of the African savannah after a day spent in the bush. While your days might not be as exotic as his, you can rest easy and recharge on the Ernest Hemingway collection of luxury mattresses.

The Hemingway bedding program features the Adventure Collection, Romance Collection, and Literary Collection.  These three unique collections draw an imagery, feeling, and sense of connection to the different aspects of Ernest Hemingway’s life.  Each line is marked by superb craftsmanship, attention to detail and an authenticity in materials, design, and construction.

The Adventure Collection is a one-sided no turn mattress.  The five number line features a 856 encased coil unit with visco, latex, and micro coils (1300 micro coils in queen).  The plush mattress also has layers of convoluted foam and a Tapestry boarder.  The Adventure Collection comes with a 8 ¾ gauge 100 coil box spring covered with faux leather that has a lifetime warranty.  The price points are $899-$1700 (queen).

The Romance Collection is a two-sided mattress program. The four number line features visco, latex, and convoluted foam with the same box spring as the Adventure Collection.  The price points are $1499-$1999 (queen).

The Literary Collection features a combination of Talalay Latex and wool padding to give it a truly unique feel. The price points are

$2500-$3500 (queen).

The Van Vorst Mattress Company is an American brand with its proud heritage dating back to 1888. Over the years the company came to be recognized as one of the finest mattress companies in the industry, both as a manufacturer and as a business entity. We strive every day to uphold that tradition.

Although the Van Vorst Company was well distributed throughout the United States and Canada, we never considered distribution in the Asia Pacific region until now. We are seeking potential manufacturing partners who are in need of an American brand with a proud heritage dating back over 128 years. We are passionate about our licensees and their accounts. Our doors are always open, literally and figuratively, and we stand ready to assist you, whatever your needs may be. From our ever-growing assortment of stylish, productive merchandising materials, classy branded bedding accessories and our highly effective marketing tools, we offer a complete package designed with one thing in mind—your success. Add to that our hands-on approach to building your business and Van Vorst stands by itself. We’d love to stand with you.


Kent Lamoreux

Managing Director

Van Vorst Mattress Company

“At Van Vorst we measure our success by your success; we are committed to helping you succeed in every way we can”.

Kent Lamoreux