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Thailand’s Sleep Wealth Becomes Eastman House License

On September 4th, 2018, Sleep Wealth of Thailand and Eclipse International signed a licensing agreement that gives Sleep Wealth the rights to produce, market and sell Eastman House mattresses in that area of the world. “The mattress market in Thailand is experiencing...

Ernest Hemingway Luxury Mattress Brand Enters China

Shenzhen ChinaShenzhen, in southeastern China, is a modern metropolis that links Hong Kong to China’s mainland. It's known for its shopping destinations, including Luohu Commercial City, a massive mall with a vast array of wares.Licensing News   W e are excited to...

Visiting Pope Francis will snooze on Saatva mattress

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A Heavenly Mattress for Pope Francis

Pope Francis will spend the night on a Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress when he visits Philadelphia By Mary H.J. Farrell Last updated: September 18, 2015 Is nothing sacred? In advance of Pope Francis’ upcoming visit to the United States we’re learning a lot about his...

Eclipse expands Van Vorst brand to SE Asia

Eclipse expands Van Vorst brand to SE Asia David Perry, September 20, 2017 NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J.– The Van Vorst Mattress brand relaunched this spring by Eclipse International is heading overseas, officials said. The Van Vorst brand is being introduced in Southeast...