– 151 years of mattress craftsmanship

– Aesthetics and design to appeal to the luxury consumer

– Featuring the highest quality components and materials

– Nano-coil technology to enhance comfort

– Individualized encased coils to offer individual comfort and support

– Organic wool to provide a luxurious and consistent sleep surface

– Founded in 1905 and continuously manufacturing mattresses for over 100 years

– Positioned to appeal to a broad customer base

– Global presence in 36 countries

– Featuring patented technologies:

– Spinal Zone

– Life Edge Perimeter Support

– Zone Quilt

– Enhanced craftsmanship and aesthetics

– Color pallet reflecting elegance and tradition

– Sumptuous cover

– Hand tufting to prevent materials shifting

– Organic wool

– Natural and zoned latex technology

– Antibacterial, hypoallergenic

– Offers advanced foam technology used by Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche

– G-Flex gel memory foam and Bio Flex foam elements

– Foam-core design that focuses on pressure distribution

– ThermoCool Performance fabrics that wick away moisture and body heat

– Total Core Breathability featuring horizontal and vertical breathing ports to reduce core temperature